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Why I Run

I was talking with a friend the other day about a half marathon I signed up for in October and what my training plan looked like. When she asked how I could run so far, I joked that it's not so hard when you run as slowly as I do. "You could pretty much walk next to me," I said. She laughed. "But do you still get a good workout in?" she asked, "Do you still sweat? And...

2013 Year in Review

I love New Year's. I love reflecting.  I love a fresh start. And I love resolutions. Some people think they're dumb or overrated or unnecessary, but I enjoy setting goals. So here goes! 2013 was a pretty incredible year. And it went SO fast. I can't really believe that it's over. Here's a little glimpse into the past year for da Heger's (or, well, mostly me with a few mentions of Steven and Dixie). Running thingz Guys, I still can't believe I'm a runner. (I hesitate to call myself that. But I guess I...

Running Goals for 2013

I'm not sure "resolutions" is the word, but I do have several goals for 2013 and beyond. However, I think that fitness goals are easier to quantify than others (because how do you measure "be a better person"?), so here are a few of my fitness goals for 2013. For starters, I'm trying out a Title Boxing Club class tonight with a friend, and I'm thinking about joining. I've heard the classes are pretty good cross training for runners. I've also heard they are fairly intense workouts, so we'll see if...