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37 Weeks

I am just one giant second pregnancy cliche these days. Here I am nearing the end of this thing and realizing I haven't written much about it at all. With my first, it was weekly bump photos in front of a chalkboard displaying the number of weeks, several posts on this blog for each trimester of pregnancy and then every month for the first year of my son's life. I kept a small pregnancy journal with thoughts, fears and dreams. I'm not even sure where that journal is now. I...

A Mom

The air outside today is thick with summer. It's the time of year when my sunglasses, which stay in my car, burn my face when I put them on. The AC works in overtime and still the sweat slides down my back. Dixie (our dog) lounges around, staying close to the vent. It's even too hot for her! It's farmer's market season, which, for me, is summer's saving grace. Fresh fruits and veggies (and gnats...


All I want to do is run. Far. Until my lungs are on fire and my legs ache. Until I'm several miles from home, and I'm not sure when to turn around. I may even want to get lost. Sweaty. Exhausted. Numb. But there's two problems with this. First, the doctor said no exercise for 7-10 days. Second, it's freezing cold. Bitter cold. Why do bad things always happen in winter? I'm lying on a cold hospital bed staring up at the ceiling with its giant fluorescent lights. My husband's holding my hand. He...