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Sweet Summertime

Well, here we are. Time for another Heger family update. Updates are few and far between these days because I am still working out my feelings about how public I should make my kids' lives. I live a pretty public life, and as a parenting writer, that means my children do to an extent as well, though I try to make my writing more about me than them. Still. We millennials are raising a generation that will have online identities created for them before they can even spell their names,...

Stronger With Time

Swimming lessons. I think that was my favorite part of his first year. His chubby legs splashing in the water. His whole body relaxing into me as we swayed back and forth. He was quiet and calm, completely content to float and glide. While the other kids took their time getting used to the water, Camden didn't once make a fuss. The days were long and hot, but in the water we were both cooler and lighter. It was in those summer days and in that pool that I started to feel...

Camden 11 Months Old

Camden is almost one year old, and I want to remember him like this forever. [caption id="attachment_3099" align="aligncenter" width="600"] This is what happens when your mom decides to use bath toys for your monthly photos shoots but there's only one number one[/caption] So happy. So curious. So full of joy. [caption id="attachment_3104" align="aligncenter" width="600"] What? I'm not feeding the dog my chocolate chip pancake.[/caption] He is full on walking and toddles all over the place. He also still loves to push things all throughout the house — laundry baskets, toys, stools, whatever he can...

What Having a Baby Taught Me to Appreciate About my Mom

I didn’t want her to leave. “Please stay,” I told her through tears, half naked on the couch fumbling to bring my baby to my breast. She squeezed my shoulders and told me I’m doing a great job. It sure didn’t feel like it. The week was a blur of late nights fading into early mornings filled with nipple pain, tiny cries and very little sleep. She was there through it all — bringing me food and water, washing my sheets, and holding my baby so I could take a...

Four Weeks Ago

The edge of my thumbnail is jagged. I must have snagged it on the door or a drawer earlier in the evening. I run my pointer finger over the rough surface and then lightly press it against the soft fleece in my arms. Four weeks ago I could have bolted out of my chair, snatched a nail file and fixed it. Four weeks ago I could have filed away the imperfection until the surface was smooth. But right now I'm rocking him. It's been an hour and he won't go to sleep. Four weeks ago things...