“…[A]n activist is someone who cannot help but fight for something. That person is not usually motivated by a need for power or money or fame, but in fact is driven slightly mad by some injustice, some cruelty, some unfairness, so much so that he or she is compelled by some internal moral engine toRead more

The Year I Was 23

I turned 24 last Friday. Of course I wanted to post this on my actual birthday, but, well, that didn’t happen, obvi. Last year on my 23rd birthday I went to work as a reporter for My co-workers (really, just my BFF’s) made me choclate cupcakes with chocolate frosting and sprinkles. They also took meRead more

Beauty and Tragedy

So, I finally watched The Perks of Being a Wallflower this weekend. (And uh, unrelated, but Emma Watson = amazing). I read the book years ago, maybe even in middle school (I really can’t remember). It is one of my favorites. Beautifully written. But it is heavy. (Warning –> spoiler alert) I remembered that the protagonist,Read more


When I was younger all I wanted was to get out of Kansas. I was going to do big things. I was going to live in a big city. (Despite my inability to ever know where I am going). I was going to travel. I was going to see the world. Small minds. Small towns.Read more