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More time

A couple weeks ago I took the dog on a long walk through the bike trail near our home. The world was dark, chilly and quiet as we started out in the street lamp glow. We watched the sun peak over the horizon, and the sky morph from black to gray to purple to orange to a brilliant blue. Or at least I did. I can't be sure what the dog saw except every single rabbit and squirrel on the path. Later in the same week, on another beautiful day, I traveled to...

I didn’t think I needed medication

All I can recall from my first few months of motherhood is stumbling through them in a sleep-deprived fog.  I mentioned to a few people that I just didn't feel it. That thing. The blissful all-encompassing love I thought motherhood was supposed to be. Everyone reassured me that it would come; that what I was feeling was normal and for some women it takes a little longer to fall in love with their babies. I assumed what I was going through was like most everything else in parenthood — a...