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Bucket List

Beautiful Spaces — Smoky Mountain Vacay

As I've mentioned before, I love traveling. I have a long list of places I long to visit, and prioritize budgeting for trips. I think it's really important to explore the world outside of your own small reality, and I think it is equally as important to take time away from work. In fact, Americans work more than anyone else in the world, take far fewer vacations, and as a result are the most stressed and unhappy (and therefore actually less productive). I'm not about that life. If you think that's...

Erin’s Bucket List

A while back (as in two years ago), when I wrote about our trip to Chicago, I mentioned my and Steven's bucket lists, but I didn't share them. It's true that once upon a time we sat down and wrote one together. However, in the two years and two moves since, I have no idea where it is at. So I've decided to write a new one. It's such a blog cliche. The whole bucket list thing. Just like the "year-in-reviews" at the end of each year. But whatever. I happen to...

Our trip to Chicago

I love traveling.

I love packing bags and planning outfits to wear (although unpacking is far less enjoyable!). I love new places and experiences. I love airports and people watching. I love looking out the airplane window and watching the world shrink until the earth looks like a checkerboard of grassy fields and crossing highways.

I think it is so important to incorporate traveling (and just vacationing in general) into my life for a variety of reasons. For one, it is new experiences and a hunger for adventure that keeps me excited and vigorous about life. It’s not just about taking time off, it’s about living life to the fullest, which is why I’ve made traveling a priority.