There’s so much to like about summer.

All the fresh produce, especially tomatoes (my favorite!).

Pool days and tan lines.

The scent of sunscreen paired with a cold drink.

Evenings filled with walks to the park and leisurely bike rides.

The farmer’s market.

Boat rides and days on the lake.

Bare feet on cool hardwood floors.

Barbecues and picnics.

Longer days and a slower pace.

It’s the dreamy stuff of childhood. Afternoons in the cool air-conditioned library. Popsicles everyday. Playing outside until the sun goes down, and then chasing fireflies in the sunglow.

There’s so much to like about summer…..and yet no matter how hard I try, I just can’t.

It’s miserably hot. I’m melting on my morning runs, melting on my commute, melting as I cook dinner, melting when I water the garden. The sweat, you guys. I am a literal puddle. And my kid, who could actually play outside forever, refuses to sleep until the sun goes down. Even with blackout curtains in his room, he knows. It’s like the sun is his BFF. He’s a summer kid for sure. WHERE DOES HE GET IT???

The heat honestly affects my mood and makes me grumpy. Every fall when the cool air finally greets me, I breathe a sigh of relief and realize I’m happy again.

And you guys? We have at least two more months of this shit.


I know it’s y’all’s favorite. I know you’re living it up. And even though these fresh tomatoes are giving me life, I just can’t get on board with summer.

Give me your cozy fireplace gatherings, sweaters and warm coffee.