Camden 10 Months Old

Again I am behind on Camden’s monthly updates. which is the story of my life. He will be eleven months in a couple weeks.


He is so much fun. I love to watch him play and explore by himself. He puts small toys inside of bigger toys, and looks for toys he pushes behind a chair or rolls under the couch. He leaves pacifiers scattered throughout the house, and loves pulling all the pots and pans out of the cabinet.


He babbles and chats every now and then, and shrieks and giggles when daddy tickles him or tosses him in the air. He says mama and dada, but I’m not sure he quite understand yet that’s who Steven and I are. He has always been very observant and loves to people watch. He still does great at daycare, and his little face lights up when he sees Miss Jane in the mornings.

A gift from Jane <3

A gift from Jane

Camden pulls up and cruises around furniture with ease. His current favorite activity is pushing laundry baskets around the house. He also walks really well when we hold onto his hands, and has recently started letting go and standing for a few seconds. I think he’ll be walking by his first birthday.


Thanksgiving was so much fun with him. He loved all the food (even better with six teeth!) and did great hanging out with the family and taking tons of photos. I am so excited for Christmas.


The best part is seeing him with our family and friends, and the joy he brings other people. He is so adored by everyone and I feel as though the love in all our lives has expanded tenfold. He has brought us all closer together and reminded us of what’s important.

Reading bedtime stories with Aunt Cori

Reading bedtime stories with Aunt Cori

You are so loved, little one, and I will spend the rest of my life making sure you always know it.