Camden Nine Months Old

Nine months! I don’t know how it is possible.


Camden is crawling all over the place, pulling up and walking along furniture. Gone are the days when we could put him down and focus on something else. We are officially in the chasing child phase which I hear lasts several years!


Turned around for a minute and he climbed in the dishwasher!

It has been a very busy month in the Heger household! (Hence why I’m just now writing this when Camden turned 9 months two and a half weeks ago!). I went back to work at the beginning of October, and we’ve had something to do and somewhere to be every weekend, so there’s been very little down time. The transition back to work for me and daycare for Camden has been fairly seamless. Camden settled right into daycare, and neither one of us has shed a tear. Few things in my life have felt this right.


The in-home daycare we chose for Camden is just wonderful. He comes home with all kind of crafts, and the other kids love him. He smiles every time he sees Miss Jane in the morning, and despite having her hands full with several toddlers, she still finds the time to send me photos and updates throughout the day. She’s a special lady, and I am so happy Camden is happy there. I am loving my job, and had no idea how good it would feel to be working again. There may be another time in my life when I feel pulled to be home full-time, but for now our family is thriving and I am very grateful for this opportunity and new chapter.


Camden babbles a lot more now, which is just so stinking adorable. He also has recently figured out clapping and gives us a big grin when he puts his hands together. Just this week he has cut three new teeth on top! They gave him some trouble, but he’s feeling much better now.


As I’ve said before I love this time of year. We had fun dressing Camden up as a monkey for Halloween (and Steven and I were bananas!). Camden, however, was not a fan of his costume, but I forced him to wear it long enough to snap a few photos because that is what moms do. It is now officially the holiday season, and this year’s festivities will be the best yet. This time of year always seems to fly by, and our baby boy will be one year old before we know it.


He is still fairly unreliable when it comes to a schedule. This used to absolutely drive me nuts, but I’m learning to embrace it. Because he can go for a while without sleeping, and because his naps are inconsistent, he is actually very portable and easily goes with the flow. Yesterday we went over to a friend’s house to watch the first KU basketball game of the season (Woo hoo! Rock Chalk!). Camden was up way past his bedtime, but was fairly content and we had no trouble getting him down for the night once we got home.


I hardly recognize the person I was a few months ago, and now that I’m feeling so much better I can see the dark cloud that overshadowed the first few months of Camden’s life. I’m oddly grateful to have gone through it and come out the other side. All of this has taught me a lot, and this year has been filled with change and growth I could have never anticipated.


Here’s to you, Roogy, my favorite tiny human. Here’s to the way you crawl all over your daddy and me (we should really get you some kind of baby jungle gym), and the way you yell and flap your arms. Here’s to your splashing in the bath tub, your curious sense of adventure, and how quickly you’ve mastered climbing up the stairs. Here’s to the way you cuddle into my chest when you’ve met someone new, and the way you laugh and smile at them once you’ve determined they are safe.  You are always exhausting and my greatest joy, and I love you more everyday.