Camden Five and Six Months Old

Oh my goodness. Camden is growing so much so fast. We have been so busy this summer that by the time I sat down to write his five month update he was a week away from turning six months, so I just combined them. Mom fail. Or win.

Camden is so much fun. He loves to bounce and move. Loves hanging out with his big sister, Dixie and pulling on her hair. He loves exploring new places, people and toys. He chats and babbles and blows spit bubbles (his favorite since he was about four months old).


He is now sitting up! All on his own. I can put him down on a blanket with several toys and he will occupy himself for a while. He rolls all over the place and does a good amount of scooting. I’m thinking he’ll be crawling by the end of the summer. It is not going to be easy to baby-proof the house! I’m not looking forward to it.


We have started to feed him solid foods, and are attempting to do this baby-led weaning thing. It’s all the rage in my mom groups. Honestly, it just sounds easier to me. Just put food in front of baby. Done! No purees, no spoon feeding. But here’s the thing about this food stuff. Like, whatever. That’s how I’m looking at it. (Look at how chill I am! Ha!) There’s so many rules. I’m just gonna do what feels right. We’re going the BLW route for now, but we may end up giving him baby food anyway. I’m not going to obsess over it. As long as he is growing and healthy, I’m not going to stress about food. Until he is about a year old, he will be getting the majority of his calories and nutrition from milk anyway, so for now food is just for fun.


So far we’ve given him avocado, squash, zucchini, peaches, cherries, tomatoes and bell peppers. It’s so much fun watching him explore food. He doesn’t really get it yet — know that it is food, that he is supposed to eat it, or even how to chew and swallow, but he sucks out the juice, plays with it and gums at it (no teeth yet).  He does enjoy being a part of family meals and it’s another activity to entertain him if nothing else!


He is still stubborn and fights sleep like it’s his job. His naps are just like…..oy. Never predictable. Sometimes awesome. Sometimes awful. Luckily, his night time sleep is much better. He goes to sleep around 8 p.m. and is up 0-1 times a night.


The never reliable nap situation is so frustrating for me! Never being able to count on a nap makes getting things done really difficult. It also makes planning anything challenging. Making plans to see anyone sounds like this: “Sure yeah, I’d love to come over Wednesday afternoon! When? Oh well…that depends…I’ll keep you posted?” Many thanks to the people in my life who are patient and easy-going about my schedule! It’s a real challenge for me. I am a mega planner. Camden is sure teaching me a lot!


Although his naps are hugely hit or miss, Camden does a great job of occupying himself. So even if he only sleeps for 30 minutes, total, all day, he is at least occupied on the floor with toys so I can take care of the dishes or take out the trash (or text or write this blogpost…you know).


We went on a family vacation at the end of June to Table Rock Lake. My mom’s family goes every year, and it’s a blast. Camden loved it. While not a fan of his life jacket, he does love the water. We got him to bed way too late every night, but he vacationed like a champ. The best part was seeing all the joy he brought my cousins, aunts and uncles. You are so loved little guy!


Grandpa! Ignore my dad's ugly shirt....

Grandpa! Ignore my dad’s ugly shirt….

I am really loving summer (although not loving our electric bill :-/ ). My sister is living with us while she completes an internship in Kansas City, and my teacher friends have a lot more time on their hands, so Camden and I get to hang with them often. We live a couple miles from downtown OP, so I’ve been going on walks with Cam to the farmer’s market, and of course love all the fresh produce. I also signed up for parent and baby swim lessons we’ll be starting next week! I’ll be a little sad when my sister moves back to Lawrence (Camden LOVES her), and everyone goes back to their normal lives.


While Camden is still very much a baby, he is a much different baby than he was a few months ago. I have a feeling the next six months are going to fly by as he morphs into a toddler.


How different my life is these days. <3

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