Baby Room

It’s no Pinterest showroom, and the walls are really white, but it’s functional and perfect for us.


A peak inside the closet and itty bitty baby clothes


Love the sweet sign a good friend made for the baby shower


My grandmother made the caterpillar blanket


Apparently I need to work on my photo skills, since it’s the photo that is crooked and not the shelf! We’ve been blessed with so many gifts including all of these books. I can’t wait to read to Baby Hegz! My mom snagged the bassinet at a consignment sale and it will eventually make its way into our room.


A panorama of the room!

IMG_1631 (3)

The crib! Steven made the fabric pieces above the baby’s bed.














I’m 39 weeks and two days and having a really hard time being patient! I’m trying really hard to let go, but at the same time am fearful of an induction. I guess all I can do is take it one day at a time, and if we get to the point where we are having that conversation with the doctor, ask lots of questions and do everything in my power to avoid pitocin. If there is truly no other way, I will accept it, but only if there is real potential for harm to me or the baby if I wait to go into labor naturally. For someone attempting to do this drug free, it seems as though starting the whole process with drugs is only setting me up for failure.

Each day brings no signs that labor is near, and at my doctor’s appointment this week, I was not dilated at all and the baby hadn’t dropped yet. I think it’s gonna be a little while, guys. Luckily, I’m not terribly uncomfortable. I mean I could definitely be more comfortable, but for the most part I’m not doing too bad. I’m not dealing with a great deal of swelling, and while my shoes are snug, they still fit. I hardly had any stretch marks until this week, and now they’re starting to show below my belly button. It’s not necessarily that I’m so uncomfortable I want the baby out of me right now, it’s just that I’ve been pregnant a long time. Like, I was pregnant a year ago. And I didn’t even get that baby. It’s been hard to stay positive this week.

I know I know, it’ll all be worth it and stuff.