The Marriage Chronicles

Steven and I often talk about the massive inequality and virtually non-existent economic mobility that currently exists in this country. It’s one of my favorite things to rant about. And by talk, I mean, I mostly ramble and Steven listens or pretends to listen. But he said something kind of remarkable the other day that led me to believe that maybe he has been paying attention all these years….

“You know if this makes me upset then it’s a big deal. If I get it, as someone who doesn’t keep up with this stuff, then why the hell don’t politicians get it? Why aren’t they being held accountable? Why aren’t people talking about it? It’s not that hard to explain. People should be blowing this up.” ~ Stevoid

Woah, hold up there my engineering, not really into reading, mostly apathetic and certainly not newsy husband. You have a damn good point.