2012 In Review — Photos

2012 was pretty great, and I’m looking forward to 2013.


In January I started working as a reporter for the website — a project with the University of Kansas School of Journalism. Although challenging at times, I truly loved my time there. I loved working on campus (despite the 35 min commute), covering local politics with an emphasis on topics of importance to young people. I learned SO much and grew both as a journalist and as a person. I also had some incredible co-workers who became good friends. All around, it was a great experience.

Surprisingly, I don’t have too many photos from my time at Political Fiber….but here are a couple.


In February we moved to a new apartment about three miles north from our previous location. We moved because we couldn’t have a dog in our old apartment. The weekend we moved we also brought home our sweet labradoodle puppy, Dixie. She is definitely my favorite part of 2012, and has brought so much joy to our lives. We might be slightly obsessed with her, but I don’t care. She’s our baby!


All I really remember about last March is the NCAA Basketball Tournament. We went to Lawrence a couple times to watch some games with some of our friends who were still in school. The Jayhawks went all the way to the championship game, but then lost to Kentucky. I cried of course, as I have every year since 2008. I think my favorite part of the 2012 tournament was when KU beat North Carolina to go to the Final Four.


Watched my baby sister go to prom, and Steven and I celebrated our birthdays in Lawrence.


Went to a couple Royals baseball games.


In June, Steven and I took a trip to Chicago. It was a lot of fun. (Read all about it here). I also ran in my first 5K, and by the end of the year would run four more.


Although incredibly, uncomfortably hot, I have fond memories of summer 2012.  I spent every Saturday morning at the farmer’s market, ran almost everyday, enjoyed a vacation at the lake with my family and attended some beautiful weddings.


I was a bridesmaid in a good friend’s wedding. It was beautiful and so much fun, and I’m looking forward to more weddings in 2013!


Steven and I went to Wichita to watch my sister dance at halftime in her senior homecoming football game. While there, I ran another 5K with my dad, mother-in-law and sister-in-law. Later that month, I hung out with my best friend at the the Arboretum in Overland Park (which is beautiful, by the way).


Steven and I celebrated our first wedding anniversary and had a blast hanging out in Lawrence with friends for KU’s homecoming. (They almost even, kind of, sort of, won!)


Work was really busy, and I spent several long days covering the election, but also really enjoyed it. Steven and I celebrated Thanksgiving in Bentonville, Arkansas with my family.


I watched my sister dance in her last Nutcracker with Ballet Wichita, and she was beautiful. Steven and I also celebrated Christmas with family, and had a fabulous New Year’s Eve.

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