What the holiday season means to me

“If there is a neighbor that needs a hand,
you lend one…
If there is a mouth that needs fed,
you share some of what you have to eat…
If there is a family that needs a home,
you build one…
If there is a captive who needs release,
you remove the bars…
If there is a mourner who needs comfort,
offer your embrace…
If there is a charity that needs support,
write that check…
If there is a stranger who needs welcome,
open your home…
If there is someone crying,
use your finger to gently wipe away their tears
If there is a man or woman or child anywhere in the world who needs your understanding, your
compassion, your mercy, your support, your love, YOU GIVE IT…GIVE IT unstintingly and selflessly.
This is the demanding call of Universalism. . .this is not a casual Sunday walk in the park, it’s a tough and
foolish doctrine of inclusion and care that constantly challenges us beyond the narrow confines of our
natural selfishness and fear…to ever wider circles of caring and compassion.” ~Scott Alexander

This quote is from a sermon written by Unitarian Universalist Minister Scott Alexander