25 Things about Me

I found this on my Facebook page the other day. I wrote it about four years ago. I decided to share it without editing it (although there are a few changes I would like to make!). For the most part, it’s pretty much all still true.

(Except #3, whoops! I now own both Uggs and Vera Bradley. But way to go 19-year-old me! Way to be an individual! Haha)

1. I have never been in a tanning bed. I get the urge to try it from time to time, but then I just end up convincing myself that getting cancer really isn’t worth it.

2. I am allergic to everything. I have been allergy tested three times and was allergic to all but one of the things I was tested for. I take a plethora of drugs everyday and am on my second three year allergy shot process. I don’t really know what it feels like to be normal and not have a constant cold.

3. Sometimes, I think the “trends” are ugly. For example, the first time I saw a pair of Ugg boots I decided they were the ugliest things I had ever seen. After a couple years I eventually broke down and bought a pair of knock offs, mostly because they are comfotable for walking on campus in cold weather. I also think Vera Bradley purses are ugly. They look like the lame floral patterns on my grandma’s bedspread. The fact that these items are expensive and “designer” doesn’t make them any less ugly. Not that I don’t like some trends, but really, why spend hundreds of dollars just to look like everyone else?

4. I am directionally challenged and get lost all the time. Being lose also terrifies me and I usually pull over on the side of the road and cry for a while. I am a horrible driver when I don’t know where I am going (which is 99% of the time). However, the other 1% I would say I’m pretty legit and I follow most traffic laws.

5. I absolutely love dogs. Whenever I see one I can’t get over how cute it is and I usually talk to it in a baby voice. I don’t understand how some people dislike dogs. They are the friendliest and most loving creatures on the planet…even more so (sometimes) than humans.

6. My dad is the most brilliant person I have ever met. I am very proud of and admire him greatly. I hope he knows this, although I have never really told him.

7. I think sometimes I was cursed with passion. I love intensely and deeply and I highly value every relationship in my life. I also have a deep passion for my beliefs and always get a temper when these beliefs are challenged. I care so much about the political process, news, the government, and being informed that I feel like it consumes me. Sometimes I wish I could care less and not trouble my mind with things I may never have the power to change.

8. Among the things I am passionate and care way too much about is language. The English language is beautiful and complex and should stay that way. The way some people disregard language and its rules and possibilities frustrates me. This is why I often get into fits about grammar. Whether or not you find English important, you should at least respect it.

9. I value open-mindedness. Not to say I am always great at being open-minded, because sometimes I catch myself being very limited. However, I do believe the world is filled with differences; different ways, different customs, different thouhgts…and these differences do not need to be scary or wrong but just recognized as different. I think that an understanding that life exists beyond your own individual reality is extremely powerful and liberating.

10. I want to see the world, all of it, every country. Sometimes I fear this isn’t possible, especially when I listen to the reasons people give me as to why dreaming this is dumb. But then again, I don’t care. Why should I limit my life to a few others’ pessimisitc impossibilities?

11. I want to write books. I don’t know what about, but I will. You just wait.

12. I am excited and terrified about where I will be after the next two short years and graduation. If I can get past the scary “finding a job and being a good journalist” thing I think I am pretty excited to grow up.

13. Lindsey Daneille Jenkins is the best friend I have ever had. I think I have spent a majority of my life trying to find another frienship like hers. Then I finally realized it was impossible.

14. I miss dancing more and more everyday. I spent so many years of my life in a dance studio. I miss my friends and my life that was consumed with rehearsals and performances. Performing was one of the best things in my life.

15. It is April of my sophomore year of college and I have spent this year waiting and wishing for it to be like the last. My freshman year of college was by far the greatest time of my life. I found the best friends and learned more than I ever did in any classroom. Ellsworth 801 for life.

16. I can’t wait to be a mom. Ok, I can wait, but I think this is one of my callings in life. I think some people were created to be nurturing and loving. Without a doubt I am one of those people. Sometimes I worry that I will love my (future) children too much. Is this even possible?

17. I have been dating Steven for five and a half years. I met him when I was 14 and I told all my friends I was going to marry him. Nobody believed me. Now here we are 20 and 21 years old and I still can’t wait to marry him.

18. If I had millions of dollars here is what I would do:
– Pay for school
– Give a lot to my parents
– Fix my smile/teeth/face plastic surgery style
– Buy a house (or two)
– See the world

19. I love my family very much. I hope my brother and my sister know how much I think about them and worry about them. I also hope they know how proud of both of them I am.

20. I love tomatos. I also love all and any carbohydrates. I could live off chips and salsa. I love food more than the average person, trust me on this!

21. I want to be successful and the thought of failing worries and scares me. I know sometimes I will fail, and I must fail, but I will always try my best not to.

22. I love reading and I love books. I could waste days, even weeks in my bed just reading.

23. My parents have worked so hard to give my siblings and I everything we need and want. My parents work just as hard as a CEO or a doctor, but because of their professions they can work forever and still be in the middle class. This is one (of many) reasons why I will always be a democrat. The rich don’t necessarily work any harder for their money than the poor, and it is time our government started helping those with less.

24. I highly value education. I can still see my dad sitting at the kitchen table going over all my homework with me until it was correct. My parents have never accepted anyting less from me than my best and I can’t thank them enough. Life will take a lot of things from you, but your mind and your education will always be yours.

25. I think the Holocaust and WWII are the most interesting times in history. I love learning about this time period.